Why Billy Hargrove is the real villain of Stranger Things - Showz Update (2023)

While Stranger Things is an entertaining show, it sometimes falls into the villain of the week category, making it difficult to tell where the real villain is. But after rewatching the past two seasons, it's clear that Billy Hargrove, Max's (Finn Wolfhard) older stepbrother, really is the real villain of Stranger Things — and here's why. This article will examine Billy's character through his interactions with his friends and family in both seasons two and three, and we'll see just how much of a villain he really was.

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Which makes him creepy

He is abusive, emotionally manipulative, and incredibly sociopathic. His character is not redeeming (despite numerous attempts to make us feel sorry for him), and in the end we feel much more sympathy for Steve than for Billy. Billy has no qualms about using Nancy or threatening Will to get what he wants, and we hate him all the more for it. Billy proves that our empathy can easily be manipulated by a well-written villain, and while he no longer lives in present-day Hawkins, his presence is still strong in season three.

What makes him angry

Billy has been a very controversial character since Stranger Things day one. Many fans were turned off by his portrayal as an antagonist to Steve and Max in the second season. But what makes him angry? How did we get to where we are today? This three-part analysis will look at each part of Billy's life and examine how he became our favorite punching bag. In part one we cover his younger years. Let's start with a little backstory...

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what makes him human

Like many other characters in Stranger Things, Billy's plot has a duality. On the one hand, he is a multidimensional villain who regularly terrorizes his family and friends. But then again, Billy also does nice things for his stepsister Max when she needs it most - which makes it difficult to hate him as a character. In many ways, Billy represents how dark humanity can be, but also how we sometimes try to get by with good intentions (even if they don't always work out). When all is said and done, we're still seeing why he makes our list as one of Netflix's best villains to date.

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A bloody introduction

When we first see Billy, he's covered in his father's blood. His aggressive tendencies are evident from an early age - in words and deeds. In one scene, he calls Max a snitch bitch after she ratted him out on stealing firecrackers; in another, he bangs her head against a locker outside the school. He tries to punch Steve when they meet, only to back away when Steve says something that impresses him (and all with a smile that seems sinister). All in all, it seems like there's more than enough evidence to find Billy guilty of a number of crimes by Season 3 - yet no charges have been brought. Was that fair? Let us know in the comments below!

5 reasons we love to hate Billy Hargrove

Billy Hargrove was Max's older stepbrother who was introduced in Season 2 of Stranger Things and returned in Season 3 to kidnap Eleven after escaping Hawkins Laboratory. The character of Billy Hargrove was portrayed by Australian actor Dacre Montgomery, who previously starred as Jason Lee Scott / Red Ranger in the 2016 Power Rangers reboot and starred as Billy in the 2017 film adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time. Here are five reasons we love to hate Billy Hargrove!

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The role of an antagonist

The antagonist is defined as the opposition or enemy against whom or against whom a fight is fought, but in fiction they are much more complex than that. When a story has only one main character who always gets what he wants and never gets has trouble meeting her goals, then there is little reason for a reader to keep turning the pages, so it's up to other characters to create obstacles and conflicts. The purpose of an antagonist isn't just to make things harder for your hero; Rather, it's about creating depth and layers for your narrative. You want readers to be conflicted about what they think of your character - in some scenes you will hate them and in some scenes you will sympathize with them, depending on what their goal is at that moment.

Sympathy is not the same as sympathy

I think most people would agree that there is a difference between sympathy and sympathy. While you like a person, you might not like them as a character. It's easy not to like characters who are jerks or pushy, but it takes more work for an audience to hate someone and genuinely want them to fail. I think there's something in all of us that wants to see nice characters win, even if they seem boring or boring at first.

Pushed too far

Dacre Montgomery's memorable character in Stranger Things is filled with charm and antagonism. Watching him beat up Steve Harrington was one of our favorite parts of season two. Montgomery's chilling portrayal of Billy is brilliantly written, but we can't help but think there are a few other reasons we love to hate him.

Like father, like son?

Billy is Max's abusive stepbrother. The tension between them makes for some of Stranger Things' most compelling scenes, but it goes beyond that: When we think of their relationship as a reflection of Steve and his father, they make sense - and they give those characters even more dimension. Check out these similarities to understand where these characters come from.

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A young man in turmoil

Dacre Montgomery's performance as Billy Hargrove was a highlight of Stranger Things 2. The more screen time he got, the more we hated him! What we can take away from his performance is that Billy didn't become that way on purpose. He was a broken young man in turmoil, struggling with issues he couldn't handle on his own. This gave us a better sense of why he was so violent and unpredictable.

Loyalty to his father or his girlfriend?

When a fight between Max and Billy over Steve leads to a violent incident, Max decides to move out. Unbeknownst to her, Billy plots revenge on Steve. What begins as a small act of vandalism soon escalates into something far more dangerous. After luring him to an abandoned building, Billy knocks Steve unconscious and locks him in his car with no food or water.

Risk everything to become a hero?

I don't think anyone will disagree with me when I say we love hating Dacre Montgomery on Stranger Things. His character, Billy Hargrove, is a perfect example of an antagonist, giving us good reason to hate him as well as reasons for us to feel compassion.


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