The 10 best episodes of the Incredible Hulk series (2023)

The Hulk has onerocky relationship on the big screen. His two solo film fans either love him or hate him, and he usually takes a backseatHungarianMovies in which he appears. From 1977 to 1982, however, the big green machine was the focus of his own television series.The incredible Hulkstars Bill Bixby as David Banner (renamed from Bruce) while struggling to find a cure for the beast within. Since CGI didn't exist yet, the Hulk is actually played by green-painted bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno. This groundbreaking Hulk series redefined the character. Its impact can still be felt in the MCU as the theme has been used more than once. Many modern fans may not be familiar with this show, so here are ten episodes that will ensure they get the best the series has to offer.

10. The Incredible Hulk (Pilot)

Before airing as a full series, Hulk's adventures began on the small screen in two television movies. The first shows the lab accident that Dr. Banner's life would change forever. This pilot set the stage for the rest of the series. Audiences spend a lot of time with David as himself. Throughout the series, he has to travel under an alias. The reason he has to do this is because of the events in this story.Hulkis charged with murder, and one of his alleged victims is David Banner. This film also introduces Jack McGee, a reporter obsessed with chasing the Hulk. This is a brilliant way to kick off the series, and it's not even the best the show has to offer.

9. Stop the presses (S2, E9)

One thing that sets this Hulk series apart is gripping suspense. This becomes clear in this episode of the second season. In this episode, David works as a dishwasher in a restaurant. A reporter trying to shut it down snaps a picture of David, not knowing he's supposed to be dead. To protect his secret, David must break into the newspaper office to get the photo before it goes to print. As if that wasn't bad enough, the Hulk-possessed Jack McGee happens to work in those very offices. This episode is gripping as fans wait on the edge of their seat to see if Jack crosses paths with the supposedly dead David. Suspense is what the series is known for and would translate intoHulks MCU-Solofilm, which serves as a very loose remake of the show.

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8. Broken Image (S3, E12)

David Banner hides in plain sight throughout the series. Aside from a few close calls, he's been pretty successful. Until this episode where David discovers he has a double. This doppelganger is a criminal and he wants to frame David and get away with it. Bill Bixby not only plays Banner, but also the criminal named Mark Cassidy. This dual role shows how talented the late Bixby was. He has to act like two different people throughout, often against himself. As if this case of mistaken identity wasn't bad enough, Jack McGee is hot on the Hulk's tail. cartoonsheroes and dramatic tensiongo hand in hand andThe incredible Hulkis proof of that.

7. 747 (S1, E7)

It's hard enough for David to stay calm in open spaces. Trying to do this on a hijacked plane is another beast. David is on a plane hoping to fly to Chicago to find a cure for The Hulk. Things turn sour when a group of passengers take over the plane to try and steal artifacts on board. Most of this episode takes place on the plane, giving him aclaustrophobic and uncomfortable edge. Even after these hijackers are taken care of, the pilots are down for the count and the plane needs to land. David takes it upon himself to land it; He soon realizes that he might need some help from his green friend. The Hulk series is known for exciting moments, and David's eyes turning green while at the controls of the plane is one of the best.

6. Totenmask (S3, E20)

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Throughout the series, the Hulk was no stranger to being framed for murder, but this episode gets David framed. Banner works as a librarian at a university. A mysterious serial killer appears, targeting the girls at school. David is the prime suspect and must find the killer's true identity before it's too late. What makes this episode so captivating is the interrogation scenes. While there are certainly some elements of this show that can be considered cheesy today, the acting is not one of them, especially in this chilling episode.

5. Mysterious Man (S2, E15 & 16)

Jack Mcgee was on the Hulk's destructive trail the whole timeIncredible HulkShow. Thanks to David's cunning and a bit of luck, he's managed to stay one step ahead of the reporter. However, in this exciting two-parter, Jack gets closer to the truth than ever. After a devastating car accident, David is left without his memory and his face badly bandaged. Jack McGee, who doesn't know who David is thanks to the bandages, offers to fly him to a specialist. Since David is without his memory, he accepts. The two end up in the wilderness, where a pack of wolves and a fire threaten to kill them both. This episode is almostHitchcockianischin its levels of tension and is a prime example of what the show has to offer.

4. A child in need (S2, E5)

An important aspect that this Hulk series got right is that the creature is essentially a giant child. This episode is a good example of this as both David and the Hulk befriend a little boy. David works as a groundskeeper at an elementary school. He soon discovers that one of the boys he befriends is a victim of abuse. The heavy-handed message in this story is handled expertly. The dark theme isn't silly in the world of the Hulk; It is handled in a mature way. In an attempt to save the boy, David transforms into the Hulk, who instinctively fights to protect him. This is probably theComic-accurate depictionof the Hulk in terms of personality.

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3. Prometheus (S4, E1 & 2)

In anotherIncredible HulkTwo-parter, David helps a blind girl after saving her life. A subway train crashes near their home and David undergoes a strange transformation. He begins to transform into the Hulk, but stops halfway. He's now stuck in this weird half-Banner/half-Hulk state. A secret government organization soon stumbles upon him, believing he is from outer space. Jack McGee isn't far behind, of course, and is dangerously close to discovering Banner's secret. This episode is filled to the brim with action, drama and suspense.The makeupin this episode deserves a big round of applause because the creature really does look like a cross between Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno, despite being played largely by a very different actor.

2. The Noose (S3, E9)

A wealthy man invites David to play chess on his island. He soon learns that the man is actually a hunter who hunts people for sport. This episode is inspired by the storyThe most dangerous game, and like this story, it is thrilling and thrilling. David struggles to outwit the hunter and he needs help from the Hulk to get off the island alive. Although the main part of the story is based on a book, this episode manages to keep it fresh and engaging. The acting is top notch as always and the suspense will have the viewer swaying on the edge of their seat.

1. The First (S4, E12 & 13)

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What does theIncredible HulkSeries is as heartbreaking as alone David is. Just as he's starting to blend in, he transforms and has to move on. in theThe first, David discovers that he is not as alone as he initially thought. Through his research, David learns that another man has suffered a similar fate and he found a cure. Banner travels to the man in hopes of curing himself of The Hulk once and for all. He finds him, but quickly realizes that he is not as willing to help as he had hoped. Things take a turn for the worse when the man resurrects his own Hulk and David must find the cure before the green creatures face off and all hope of a cure is lost forever.


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