Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 11 Recap: 9 Biggest Story Reveals (2023)

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 11.Ted Lasoseason 3 episode 11 featured a lot of key storylines and character revelations in the show's penultimate episode. AfterTed Lasoseason 3 episode 10 ending saw Nate embark on a path of redemption, episode 11 - "Mom City" - continued the idea of ​​Nate's potential return to A.F.C Richmond. Similarly, the team was preparing for a match against their biggest rivals in the last few seasons, Manchester City.

This episode ofTed Lasohad a lot to juggle in terms of its core cast of characters, especially after the events ofTed Lasso Season 3 Episode 10. From the focus on Richmond's exploits to Ted's relationships and the deeper exploration of Jamie Tartt, "Mom City" deftly handled each character's story in a wayTed Lasogot used to it. That said, here are all the major story and character revealsTed Lasoenters the last episode of the series.

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9 Ted Lasso's mum visits A.F.C Richmond

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 11 Recap: 9 Biggest Story Reveals (1)

OpeningTed Lasoseason 3 episode 11 saw Ted going about his morning routine only to be greeted by an unfamiliar face: his mother. Dottie Lasso showed up on Ted's doorstep much to her son's shock. After not telling him she was coming, Dottie briefly becomes a part of Ted's life; visiting the Richmond facility, joking with the team and fans, and causing Ted to relive some of the troubles from his past that come up for them at the end of the episode.

8 Nate works as a waiter at Taste Of Athens

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 11 Recap: 9 Biggest Story Reveals (2)

AfterTed Lasoseason 3 episode 10 established Nate stepping down as manager of West Ham United, episode 11 continued his journey towards redemption. The first scene around NateTed Lasoseason 3 episode 11 saw him working as a waiter at Taste of Athens, his favorite restaurant, and at his girlfriend Jade's workplace. Despite Nate's insistence that he loves working as a waiter—and that he's better than the other employees because of his "Wonderkid" abilities—Ted Lasoseason 3 episode 11 makes it clear that Nate longs to return to the sport of football, just not to West Ham with Rupert.

7 The Richmond team wants Nate back as coach

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 11 Recap: 9 Biggest Story Reveals (3)

The scene of Nate working at Taste of Athens ends with Colin, Isaac and Will entering the restaurant. To Nate's surprise, the trio explains that the Richmond team has thought about it and wants Nate back as coach. Nate is honored by their words, but hesitates to accept when he realizes that Ted is unaware of the team's wishes. This revelation comes after Nate's apology to Will at the endTed Lasoseason 3 episode 10, which likely prompted the latter to talk to the team about Nate's potential return.

6 Jamie Tartt loses and regains his purpose

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 11 Recap: 9 Biggest Story Reveals (4)

One of the more underrated aspectsSeason 3 of Ted Lasso is Jamie's redemption arcwhich started in the 2nd season.Ted Lasoseason 3, episode 11 pushed this further by showing an extremely vulnerable side of Jamie that has rarely been shown on the show so far. It's clear at the beginning of the episode that Jamie has lost his spark. From refusing to accept his contribution on the field to breaking down in Roy's arms,Ted Lasoseason 3 episode 11 revealed that Jamie has lost his purpose.

It was all centered around his return to Manchester, his hometown and the home of his former team Manchester City. Due to the negative relationship Jamie had with his father, the latter's absence made Jamie feel like he had nothing to fight for. Jamie revealed that he would rather try to be the best he can be in Richmond to get revenge on his father for how Jamie was treated. Now that his father is not a part of Jamie's life, he has lost his desire to succeed.

As a result, a large partTed Lasoseason 3 episode 11 focuses on Roy and Keeley's efforts to pull Jamie out of his crisis. Through their joint efforts, a visit to her childhood home and - most importantly - a conversation with Ted Lass, Jamie rediscovers her spark. Jamie almost won Richmond's game against Man City - with Thierry "Van Damme" Zoreaux's assist - and found the strength to reach out to his recovering father for the first time since their fight inTed Lasoseason 2

5 Roy and Keeley are not officially back together

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 11 Recap: 9 Biggest Story Reveals (5)

STed Lasoseason 3 episode 10 featuring Roy and Keeley's reconciliation, many expected the pair to get back together in the penultimate episode. However,Ted Lasoseason 3 episode 11 confirmed that Roy and Keeley are simply trying to remain friends, possibly due to Keeley's fresh breakup with Jack. Since the episode focused on the duo's concern for Jamie, they naturally spent a lot of time together. Despite not being officially a couple anymore, Roy admits to Keeley that he still cares for her and wants to be more than friends.

4 Coach Beard's history allows him to forgive Nate

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 11 Recap: 9 Biggest Story Reveals (6)

Undoubtedly one of the greatest characters to be revealed inTed Lasoseason 3 episode 11 comes from Coach Beard. During the third season, Beard was portrayed as the one who took Nate's betrayal the hardest, even declaring that he would burn Richmond to the ground if they allowed Nate back into the fold. However, after Ted shows Beard more footage of Nate's betrayal—revealing that Nate had been hiding under Ted's desk for hours—Beard pays Nate a visit.

There, Beard reveals his history with Ted. It was revealed that Beard and Ted had played football together back in college before Ted started coaching, and Beard was arrested. After his release from prison, Beard lost his job, had no money and no one to rely on. This made him come to Ted who willingly helped him, before Beard stole Ted's car. Beard was almost arrested again before Ted arrived and convinced the police that he had given Beard the car himself. The two then began coaching together, and Beard said Ted's forgiveness gave him his job and his life.

This story makes Beard forgive Nate. He first says that Beard will forgive Nate, in honor of Ted's forgiveness from previous years. Just as Ted did for him—and as Beard was the only one to stop Nate from returning to Richmond—Beard forgives Nate and offers him a job, stating that Nate will decide whether to take this new life. Not only thatTed Lasoseason 3 episode 11 reveal the history of one of the show's most mysterious characters in Coach Beard, but provide a compelling reason why his forgiveness of Nate after betraying him is completely believable.

3 Ted's honest conversation with Dottie helps him make a big decision

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 11 Recap: 9 Biggest Story Reveals (7)

After deftly handling the emotional journeys of many characters,Ted Lasoseason 3 episode 11 did the same for Ted himself. Upon returning home, Ted lashes out at his mother for the way she handled Ted's father's suicide. While thanking her for the ways she helped him when he was a child, Ted also berates her for feeling he had to pretend everything was fine after his father's death. After clearing up, the conversation turns to Ted's son Henry, who Dottie insists misses Ted.

Ted becomes emotional, stating that he is afraid to get close to Henry. When asked why, Ted says it's because he knows Henry will eventually leave him. After being comforted by his mother, Ted makes a big realization that could have major consequences for A.F.C Richmond, Ted's life, and the series finaleTed Laso.

2 Rupert's wife and assistant seek Rebecca's help

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 11 Recap: 9 Biggest Story Reveals (8)

Shortly beforeTed LasoIn the final scene of Season 11, Episode 3, Rebecca welcomes unexpected visitors to her home. One of them is Bex, Rupert's current wife. With her is Mrs Kakes, Rufus' former assistant at West Ham. Earlier in the season, Rebecca witnessed Rupert being unfaithful to Bex with Mrs. Kakes. The two visit Rebecca's home inTed Lasoseason 3 episode 11 then it probably means that this has come to light and they are seeking Rebecca's help to best deal with Rupert and the current situation.

1 Nate will return to Richmond - and Ted may leave

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 11 Recap: 9 Biggest Story Reveals (9)

After the coaching staff, the team, and most importantly, Coach Beard come to terms with Nate's return to Richmond, Beard tells Nate to be at practice for a second chance. This sets up the series finaleTed Laso, with Nate's return to Richmond for the final game of the season likely being the main focusTed Lasoseason 3 episode 12 Similarly, the aforementioned big decision Ted made could lead to him leaving Richmond to be with his son. Should Richmond win the Premier League inTed Lasoseason finale, it would fulfill Ted's goals since signing as manager.

After relegation from the leagueTed Lasoseason 1, Ted stated that Richmond will return to the Premier League and win the whole thing, something that is certainly possible. If that happens, Ted could leave his post as manager as hinted at in the cliffhanger in episode 11 - possibly in favor of a redeemed Nate - to return to America and help raise his son. This would not only complete Ted's athletic arc, but also his emotional arc. After going to London to get over his divorce, the emotional journey Ted was on would be filled enough with his bittersweet departure from A.F.C Richmond toTed Lasoseason 3, episode 12.


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