'Rick and Morty' Season 6 Release Date, Trailer, Teasers and Updates (2023)

Der Morty SmithVariant known asBad Mortyblasted his way out of theCentral finite curvein September 2021 Rick and Mortyseason 5 Finale, which has us all wondering what Rick Sanchez C-137 and his grandson will be up to next now that their biggest villain is probably out of the picture. Less than a year later, Adult Swim has confirmed a season 6 premiere date — and it's a lot sooner than the huge time gaps between previous seasons. Could Evil Morty possibly return? How many versions of Beth Smith are there these days? When will new episodes air? Here's all that and everything else we know so far about the upcoming season.

When is Rick and Morty season 6 release date?

Mark your calendars because on July 27, 2022, Adult Swim announced that Rick and Morty Season 6 will premiere "worldwide and throughout the multiverse" on Sunday, September 4, 2022 at 11 p.m. East. It's been almost a year to the day since Season 5 wrapped, and specifically the first time a season has started in September.

Adult Swim already ordered in May 201870 moreRick und MortyThe episode, and since then the pace of production has become much more streamlined. In November 2021Swimming festival for adults, the network confirmed that Season 6 is scheduled for release sometime in 2022, and it will make good on that promise.

This more or less corresponds to the production pace of the last few seasons.

The first half of Season 4 aired from November to December 2019. Then the second half aired in May 2020. It took just over a full year for Season 5 to run throughout the summer of 2021. Then there was a one-month hiatus before the two-part season 5 finales in September 2021. That means there was about a year hiatus between the season 4 finale and the season 5 premiere — and that's exactly what's happening all over again . From now on, it seems likely that there will be a one-year gap between each season.

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We previously predicted that season 6 would start airing in fall 2022, which is 100 percent correct. The real question now is what kind of schedule are we going to get. Season 5 ran almost continuously before taking a month-long hiatus before the two-part season finale, while Season 4 neatly split into two parts with almost six months in between. Co-showrunner Justin Roiland has previouslytheorized to inversethat Adult Swim could release a new episode every month to "make it a big event".

Is there a teaser photo of Rick and Morty season 6?

Yes! Both Morty and Rick are "toned and ready" in the first picture of Season 6, as indicatedTwitter. The two wear crop top versions of their regular shirts to show off their impossibly cut abs. Not much can be said about that. As far as we know, it could be a random scene that gets inserted into the new opening credits montage. It could also be a throwaway joke in a cold open that has nothing to do with an episode's plot. Or hey, maybe it's the plot of an entire episode that they get jacked? (For what it's worth, we've seen them both naked before and they don't have any muscles to speak of, so this is definitely a new development)

In any case, Rick and Morty has dabbled in just a bit of extreme fitness for some of its characters over the years. The episode season 1"Something that has ridden this way is coming"famously ends with Rick and Summer using steroids to gain mass so they can beat up the devil and some bullies. Morty also got a burly arm in Season 4 that looks like a Hulk„Rickmancing the Stone.“However, these changes were temporary.

This particular image is definitely reminiscent of a hilarious part of the season 4 premiere "Never Ricking Morty" where Jesus Christ Himself appears withinStory Trainto save Rick. Like the story train conductor, Jesus is fit AF — so fit, in fact, that an NSFW term has been used to describe Jesus' absspiked at Googleafter the episode.

Obviously Rick and Morty did Jesus' ab routine, right?

Is there a Rick and Morty season 6 trailer?

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There's no trailer yet, but the good news is that we should expect one very soon as we have a premiere date set in stone. Historically, they were released between one and three months before the season premiere. Based on that, the timing of the Season 6 trailer is pretty obvious:

Swimming festival for adultstakes place August 5-7 in Philadelphia, and there is a Rick and Morty panel beginning August 6 at 1 p.m. East. "The brand new Rick and Morty Season 6 is upon us," reads the event description. "Join the cast and crew of Rick and Morty as they discuss the highly anticipated new season and get an exclusive first look."

Now, "exclusive first looks" usually include a brief scene from the show, but we suspect the panel will include the full Season 6 trailer and maybe the premiere's opening scene or even the full episode. Each season's promotional schedule has been very different, so there's really no telling exactly what Adult Swim has planned.

However, Adult Swim and Cartoon Network President Michael Ouweleen teased something interesting: "As we prepare to launch this soon-to-be-iconic season, we'll be offering a unique way for fans to be a part of the fun - so stay tuned eyes peeled." .” Hopefully it's a fun social media campaign and not an NFT related thing.

How far has Rick and Morty season 6 production progressed?

If we have a premiere date, that probably means most of Season 6 is in the bag, but there's always a chance the production team is still working on some late Season 6 episodes.

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According to a tweet from , the writers room was writing to Season 7 as of August 2021Cody Ziglar. "We all stared into the abyss and saw the face of God and it was a Gundam," he wrote. “God is a Gundam and makes the Naruto run. Unprecedented." That sounds a bit...silly...so that might have been a bit of a troll. Did they really finish writing Season 7? In any case, it sounds like Season 6 is already written.

"I'm often confused between season 5 and season 6 right now," said Dan Harmon during PaleyFest NY in October 2020. "Immediately after this panel, I'll be reviewing an animation for a late season 5 episode. Still, we're very late in the season... we're writing season 6, watching the finals for both seasons, and then also refining the finale of one and the premiere of the other."

Things are a bit confusing here, mostly because Harmon and his co-creator and showrunner Justin Roiland are involved at every stage of the process. When they reviewed an animatic, that late season 5 episode hadn't even entered the animation process, which can take several months.

At the same time, the writing team was actively writing the script for the season 6 finale while also refining the season 6 premiere. More than six months later, series writer Alex Rubens wrote in aTweet from February 2021that the team had started writing Season 7. And a tweet from August 2021Cody Ziglarrevealed that writing on Season 7 was finished. Writing a whole season therefore apparently takes about six months.

Who are the writers of Rick and Morty Season 6?

In May 2020, Dan Harmon stated in oneInstagram-Postthat community alum Alex Rubens had joined the Rick and Morty writing team for Season 6. And then, in February 2021, Rubens took the opportunity to shine the spotlight on his fellow authorsTwitter.

With that in mind, we've already had a pretty comprehensive look at the Season 6 writer's room:

  • Alexander Rubens
  • Heather Campell
  • Grace Freud
  • Albro Lundy IV
  • Nick Rutherford
  • Rob Schrab
  • Jakob Siciliano
  • Alex Song-Xia
  • Cody Ziglar

What is the story of Rick and Morty Season 6?

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The very messy but totally official synopsis for Season 6 so far is as follows:

It's Season 6 and Rick and Morty are back! Carry on where we left them, worse for the attrition and for their luck. Will they manage to recover for more adventures? Or will they be swept away by an ocean of piss! Who knows?! Piss! Family! Intrigue! A bunch of dinosaurs! More piss! Another must not miss the season of your favorite show.

Uh, so it sounds like there's going to be a lot of piss and dinosaurs, but other than that, who knows. Here's what happened last season:

The following are spoilers for Rick and Morty Season 5.

The final two episodes in Season 5 in particular spawned some extremely meaningful plot developments that could change the show forever, but first let's reflect on some important things from earlier in the season.

The Beth variant known as„Weltraum Beth“from the season 4 finale still exists somewhere out there in the main series timeline, but it didn't appear in season 5 at all. Planetina, Morty's friend with powers similar to Captain Planet's, is also still around after investigating their romance in an early episode of Season 5. We may see these two characters again, along with Naruto, the giant incest babe created from Morty and Summer's DNA. Birdperson is now fully back from the dead too, so expect him to show up every now and then.

Most importantly, in the Season 5 finale, Evil Morty sacrificed the Citadel and most of the Mortys and Ricks on board to blast itself off the Central Finite Curve and into the broader multiverse. We learned in this episode that Rick C-137 (the main Rick of the series) helped design the Citadel and built a wall around a section of the multiverse, separating all realities where Rick was the smartest man from the rest. Evil Morty essentially broke away from the subsection of the multiverse where Ricks are the dominant beings in existence.

The destruction of the citadel also means Rick's supply of portal fluid may be depleted. At the very end of the season 5 finale, he throws an empty portal cannon on the ground as they fly away aboard a section of the citadel. Portal technology may no longer work at all. It's also possible that the Central Finite Curve itself was destroyed. Early Season 6 will have to deal with some of these questions pretty quickly.

Will there be a Rick and Morty Season 7?

Rick and Morty will definitely extend a few seasons beyond Season 6. Time Warner Broadcasting and Adult Swim ordered70 moreRick und MortyEpisodenin May 2018. All 10 episodes ofseason 4are included in that order along with the 10 episodes from Season 5. Starting with Season 6, we're watching at least 50 more episodes of the series. It seems safe to assume that it will be 10-episode seasons for the foreseeable future, so this current order could include everything up to season 10.

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