Ozark: Season 3 Every Episode Rating, According to IMDb (2023)

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Season 3 of Ozark shocked and delighted fans, here are all 10 episodes ranked by IMDb results. Which one was your favorite?

Ozark: Season 3 Every Episode Rating, According to IMDb (1)

The latest season of the hit seriesOzarkit has recently been transferred toNetflixand was filled with the same amount of drama and tension as the previous two. However, there was again an internal family turmoil, some new characters were introduced and the scale of the situation increased. Things got a lot more intense in the final season due to the drug wars added to the show's plot, and while not every episode was a smashing success, the vast majority of the season really continued the high standards the show had set for itself.

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Within this list, we'll take a look at 10 episodes from the third season of Ozark and rank them from worst to best based on their scores on IMDb.

Episode 1: "War Time" (8.3)

Ozark: Season 3 Every Episode Rating, According to IMDb (2)

The weakest episode of the season according to IMDb was actually the opening episode. That's often the case with shows that jump back into the story, bringing the audience back into the story, which this episode certainly did, while ratcheting up the pressure.


It's made clear that there's a massive war on drugs going on, which puts Marty under pressure to move more money and faster than planned. Because of this, Wendy begins to come up with her own personal plan without talking to her husband. It's a solid episode, and if the weakest episode is 8.3, it shows the strength of the entire season.

Episode 5: "It Came From Michigan" (8.4)

Ozark: Season 3 Every Episode Rating, According to IMDb (3)

In this episode, Wendy once again thrives and appears to be the stronger and more dominant member of the Byrde family doing work for Navarro. She and Helen continue to work as a team as they buy a horse farm, which results in one of the animals being killed.

However, Marty is still struggling with the decision to make as Maya keeps pushing him to turn around and help the FBI by making a deal. It provides an interesting situation halfway through the series that adds a nice potential twist.

Episode 7: "In Case of Emergency" (8.5)

Ozark: Season 3 Every Episode Rating, According to IMDb (4)

By this point in the series, the tension is really at a boiling point, especially between Cosgrove and Marty. This only gets worse as the FBI nibbles on Ruth, who is forced to lie about a number of topics to Helen.

Additionally, problems begin to arise with family therapist Byrde as she makes her presence felt in front of Helen, who then visits her. The web of lies the Byrdes create for each other and others begins to unravel in this episode, as it becomes clear that they may not be as in control as they first thought.

Episode 3: "Kevin Cronin Was Here" (8.6)

Ozark: Season 3 Every Episode Rating, According to IMDb (5)

This episode actually begins in a rather strange way as Wendy dreams of killing her husband, Marty. Although this is not shown to be a reality in this season, it could potentially be a foreshadowing of later stories that the show will embark on.

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However, in the reality of this episode, there are real concerns about the Byrdes and their criminal activities as the FBI arrives at the casino and makes it clear that they will be looking into the finances and where all the money is suddenly coming from.

Episode 2: "Civil Union" (8.6)

Ozark: Season 3 Every Episode Rating, According to IMDb (6)

Second episode ofseriesalso has an 8.6 rating, but feels like a much stronger episode compared to the previous one. This episode is what really builds the tension between Wendy and Marty throughout the season as she looks to Helen for help instead of him, proving that she is starting to trust her more.

However, there is also a big surprise for Wendy as her brother ends up arriving as a mysterious new character in the show. Ben ends up playing a huge role in the season and so his introduction here is incredibly important.

Epizoda 4: "Boss Fight" (8.7)

Ozark: Season 3 Every Episode Rating, According to IMDb (7)

This episode acts as a powerful reminder ofSpacefamily about who they are messing with. Despite Marty being seemingly untouchable, the Navarros kidnap him and imprison him, torturing him until he proves his worth to them.

This leaves Wendy and Helen working together to make any decisions that might save his life, while trying to keep the casino afloat while looking to buy another one to increase the assets.

Episode 6: "Your house is my house"(8,8)

Ozark: Season 3 Every Episode Rating, According to IMDb (8)

This is a fantastic episode of the series with a lot going on with every character. Ruth and Wyatt finally face off and talk about their issues as Ben's dark history is finally revealed, which throws a spanner in the works for his relationship with Ruth.

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However, while all the adults bring a lot of great drama here, it's the kids of the show who steal this one. Tensions boil over for them, and Jonah tries to prove himself, leading to the arrest of the entire group.

Episode 8: "BFF" (9.0)

Ozark: Season 3 Every Episode Rating, According to IMDb (9)

The first season three episode to crack a 9 was "BFF," and this is the episode where the cracks really start to form in the otherwise very confident and confident Byrdes. This is mainly because even their closest allies are starting to turn against them here.

Ruth is furious that the family isn't ready to fight back at Frank Jr., which infuriates Ben beyond belief. He confronted the Byrdes during their charity event, embarrassing them which led to him being sent to a mental institution.

Episode 9: "Fire Pink" (9.4)

Ozark: Season 3 Every Episode Rating, According to IMDb (10)

This is the most tense episode of the entire season as the consequences of Ben leaving the mental institution and directly confronting Helen, revealing all her secrets in front of her daughter, are felt. Of course, this sends Helen into a major panic as she hunts down Ben to deliver the killing blow, while the Byrdes do everything in their power to protect him.


Wendy and her brother go on the run while Marty is trapped in an awkward encounter with Helen herself. It's an incredibly emotional episode with a lot of fantastic dialogue as the series really reaches its boiling point.

Epizoda 10: "All In" (9.6)

Ozark: Season 3 Every Episode Rating, According to IMDb (11)

This is perfect proof that the third season of Ozark only got stronger as it went on as the last episode of the season, "All In", was the highlight of the entire season. This brought everything together in an incredibly tense way as Marty is forced to step up because of Wendy who is struggling emotionally and mentally.

They are taken to Mexico for a one-on-one face-to-face meeting with their boss and it leads to an incredibly surprising ending that sets up the next season of the show in an amazing way. This episode also sees Ruth join Wyatt with Darlene, which will no doubt be an interesting plot point going forward.

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