Kids' Reviews for Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (2023)

The reviews Kind

8. August 2013

Alter 2+

Pacman REALLY let himself go......

Pacman and the Ghostly Adventures is simply a mockery of the original arcade game that I loved. First off, Pacman is a teenager in the story. It's called pacMAN for a reason, it's not called PacTEEN or Pacster. AND SINCE WHEN HAS HE EVER BEEN FRIENDLY WITH A GRAPE AND ROOTABEGA?! And I thought Pacman and the 4 Ghosts where enemies and I just hate the addition of the other characters from the series and Pacman's voice is TERRIBLE! Did the creators even refer to the original game as a guide? and his aunt is too old to EXIST! And since when did Pacman ever have an aunt? And if the city is called Pacworld, shouldn't Pacman be the mayor? As far as I know, Pacman is the only character with PAC in his name. Oh! I almost forgot to mention one thing, they completely copy the hoverboard idea from a sonic game and the series. Conclusion..... Pacman really let himself go.

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any guy Kind

July 28, 2013

Alter 18+

This show makes me angry.

To tell the truth, I haven't watched this show enough to judge what age group it's appropriate for. But the reason I haven't watched this series enough is because it makes me so angry every time I watch it. Disney makes everything a show to get money. Pac-Man is an arcade game. How can you make a show out of this? That's it. Pac-Man is a kid who goes to school. What the hell? Judging by "Ms. Pac Man" I think Pac-Man is a full grown married man. They just make up all this stupid stuff that doesn't make any sense. Next they will make a show from the board game Sorry or something, about a Sorry pawn who got lost on a mysterious board and is trying to find his way home and finds out that the pawn works in a near- Food restaurant or something obnoxious. My goodness.

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DalekExterminate369 Teenager, 16 years old

July 12, 2022

Alter 5+


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(Video) WAIT... Remember Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures?

SüßBaka88 Teenager, 14 years old

25. June 2022

Alter 5+


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feeling Teenager, 13 years old

February 2, 2022

Alter 14+


Kind of inappropriate.

Pac Man doesn't wear pants or underwear, and neither do the ghosts.

This title has:

Great messages

too much sex

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AnonymousAnonymous Teenager, 13 years old

14. April 2021

Alter 12+


I'll be honest; A lot of people who do these reviews and feel like it's either bloody horrible or absolutely good are either trying to be biased with high expectations or just aren't watching this well enough. There are good aspects of this show and I will explain the bad and then the good. Bad: • A dark lore was set up at the beginning of the series, essentially stating that there was a Pac-World War One that happened, and in order to get rid of the bad side the good people had to go ahead and steal their bodies, and mine with it me, they separated their actual spirits from their bodies and thus created the spirits. As for their bodies, it's nothing gory, it's kind of preserved in how Pokemon go into Pokeballs. But instead of lots of little Poké Balls, it's just one big container. They don't really address the subject of death on this show, however, and you can see that they're specifically trying to avoid the words "kill" and "death." They're just more likely to use the words "destroy," "defeat," and "don't let them exist." I personally agree with that as it built a good storyline that honestly goes nowhere on this show as the rest of the episodes were lighthearted for the majority. I could see they were initially trying to take a pre-teen/teen approach, as pre-teens and teens are usually better at this stuff. • There are many immature jokes on this show. I have to say they try way too much at making burp and fart jokes and it makes me cringe at times no matter how hard I try not to. I understand that they were trying to instill humor in young children, but that goes against how the story started out as it originally seemed to be for pre-teens/teens, and then not only did they make those jokes every now and then; it's literally every episode. These jokes are everywhere. Not really the best example. • All Pac-Man is a "gluttonous idiot" and "doesn't care about others". There is good and bad in this statement. It's true, Pac-Man on this show eats an extraordinary amount. I don't think that was really the best move by the creators of the series as I think they should have had an explanation behind it like maybe the yellows need more food so they can use their special powers or something , but no . They left that blank, and that's why it looks like he's gluttony. Not the best example, but yes. • Too many lighthearted episodes. Well, honestly, that's not too bad if you want your young kids to see it, but it's not entertaining for teenagers like me. Honestly it doesn't really touch the plot for many episodes. There are a lot of fillers. Some episodes also feel kind of cheesy, like they're running out of ideas. • The style and animation are not as smooth as in the first two episodes. In the first two episodes the detail and lighting was much much better. The animation was smoother too. But that's no reason not to watch the series. Good: • In some episodes, she actually teaches some lessons. For example in "Is zit you or is zit me?" [I think it's called?) The lesson from this episode was that your friends and family don't care what you look like and they care about you for who you are. Sure, this episode was gross, but it still had really good morals. • There were two episodes that showed the dangers of government corruption, and honestly I won't go into that from actual parties, but it can go from families who support Republican and Democratic views. To be fair, these episodes and this series were made before we had all this political tension. The moral of this episode was to teach how to spot those signs of corruption I'm feeling and also entertain to see how they dealt with it. There is no bias and there are absolutely no political parties on this show or any suggestions as to which side who is on in our real life situations, then or now. • I've read other comments upset about the bullying and swearing, but having watched every episode of every season, I'm kind of surprised. I can't remember any of the good guys swearing at anyone and it was usually the bad guys who did the swearing and bullying. Please note that only the bad guys participate in these nasty activities. It shows children that only bad and mean people are called names and bullied. • I've also seen comments about Betrayus being scary or whatever. My personal opinion is that he's an entertaining villain. He's not really a creepy, benevolent character, but the truth is he's more of a hothead who ends up looking comedic. He's a fun villain. Overall: I think the biggest flaw of this show is that at different points they try to reach different age groups that aren't close enough and for that reason it's not the most consistent show. This is also why older people have given harsher reviews and I think the main reason they give such harsh reviews is that it's just different than what they grew up with or are used to. And such reviews, in my opinion, should not be taken into account. It's really bias. But I feel like the show couldn't make up its mind which age group it really should be targeting, and it suffered from that and the fact that it just didn't have enough plot coherence. Well, I'm not saying it's not interesting in some places. It may be. It's the kind of show you would put on yourself. By the way, there is no violence that I have seen in this series. Anyway, I've dabbled in this for too long, but still I'd suggest giving it a try.

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Great messages

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Somehow strange Teenager, 13 years old

(Video) Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures Ghost Grabbin' Metal Pac from Bandai America

December 6, 2020

Alter 10+

This show is off

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (PMATGA for short) is a spin-off of the Hanna Barbera Pac-Man TV show. I've seen this since I was younger and it was silly and hopeless. I would not recommend this for very young children like 5 years old. Even Namco misjudged this show and is getting a third season in a few years. I'm honestly 14 years old and I'm watching this on Peacock TV. One thing I hate is that there's a ghost named Betrayus that's somber. Betrayus has evil-looking teeth, eyes, and a voice that might startle some younger children. No blood or swearing is present. However, the concept of death is present. Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde want to live in Pac World because Betrayus always treats them meanly, which makes sense since they live in the Underworld and the Pac Worlders live in Pac World. Betrayus is also a rival of President Spheros in which he is not a ghost but a Pac Worlder living in a roundhouse. The Roundhouse is an offshoot of the White House in the United States. I don't like this rivalry as it can make young children want to be rivals with their siblings as they grow up and get older. There are spooky possessions and scary pranks that can scare kids too much. Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde don't look scary, but the other ghosts do. One positive thing is that the 4 ghosts help Pac-Man and his buddies, but I honestly don't think there are ghosts in real life that help people. There are monsters, spooky stuff, slime and screams. This show should be 10+. Mainly because of the spooky possessions, death, dark humor, etc. On the cover of the show it looks like it's friendly to Pac-Man and the 4 ghosts, but once you get into it the show gets even worse . Betrayus is too scary and will never be defeated. The 4 ghosts never got their bodies back and Pac-Man and his friends continue to fight ghouls and monsters. What a sad ending. There is also a bully named Skeebo who can trick some younger kids into becoming bullies as they get older. Skeebo sometimes exaggerates when he sees ghosts. Skeebo also peed in one episode and then Pinky said "at least he doesn't need the bathroom anymore". Potty jokes including fart and butt humor are present and swearing is partially present. In one episode, Blinky says "book" when it sounded like he said "F**k it." Be sure to watch this around your kids and mute or skip certain parts like all parents do, including mine. I would recommend the Hanna Barbera Pac-Man TV show for the lack of dark humor, scary stuff, slime, Betrayus or other mean villains, death or spooky possessions. PJ Masks has scary stuff and villains but not as bad as PMATGA since PJ Masks is a toddler show. PJ Masks is about saving the day in a good way, not eating ghosts for eternity. Unlike PMATGA, there are happy endings and the villains learn their lesson in a good way. Thank you for reading this review

This title has:

too much violence

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BadgerRoll Kind

31. October 2020

Alter 5+

Great and fun

It's very similar to Sonic Boom, except the characters are random shapes instead of animals

This title has:

too much violence

Too much consumption

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Kids' Reviews for Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (9)

child, 8 years old

16. October 2020

Alter 6+

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(Video) Pac Man and the Ghostly Adventures Review

SpaceboyCT Teenager, 14 years old

12. October 2020

Alter 12+

PAC-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

This show is actually way better than I was before 2016. People don't like it but I hope there will be a third season so the show can spread its wings and get better. This show has nice animations, cool designs and mostly some funny moments. Better would be a crossover of Sonic Boom, Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, Sly Cooper and The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants. I hope there will be a third season of the show. Also, at least NAMCO did their best. So yes. The show is excellent. Please do a season 3. Also please do my crossover idea.

This title has:

Great messages

Great role models

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Is Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures for Kids? ›

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures: Rated Everyone 10+.

Did Pacman and the Ghostly Adventures get Cancelled? ›

Season 3 never came and the show was cancelled.

How old is Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures? ›

Based on Bandai Namco's Pac-Man video game franchise, it is the second animated series to be based upon the game franchise, following the 1982 TV series. The show aired from June 15, 2013 to May 25, 2015, running for two seasons and 52 episodes.

What is the plot of the Pac-Man cartoon? ›

The family lives in Pac-Land, a place in which the geography and architecture seem to revolve primarily around sphere-like shapes. Most episodes of the series center around the ongoing battle between the Pac family and their only known enemies, the Ghost Monsters: Blinky, Inky, Pinky, Clyde, and Sue.

Is Ghost OK for kids? ›

For 14 and up it makes a great date movie or you can even enjoy it as a family with 14 and up kids, but be advised it is a very violent and sad movie along with a lot of profanity so use discretion.

Is Ghost Rider suitable for 8 year old? ›

Ghost Rider is a supernatural, action film with superheros, and targets adolescents and younger adult males. The special effects are impressive and the film contains some quite witty humour, but some of the scary images and violence could disturb younger children.

Does Pinky have a crush on Pac-Man? ›

Pinky (ピンキー Pinkii) is one of the four main ghosts in the Pac-Man series. She represents as the only female ghost and likes to be pretty. She attempts to ambush Pac-Man by moving parallel to him. In certain continuities, Pinky has been shown to have a crush on Pac-Man, which normally goes unreciprocated.

Does Netflix have Pac-Man? ›

Watch Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures | Netflix.

Does Pac-Man ever end? ›

One of the most well-known accidental endings in gaming, Pac-Man descends into chaos after 256 levels, when an overflowing 8-bit level register causes half the screen to be filled with random symbols and become unbeatable.

What are the 4 ghost names in Pac-Man? ›

It was not until later that they were known as ghosts. Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde were each created with their own distinct personalities so that the game would never get boring yet would have behaviors that players could learn. For instance, Blinky has a chaser personality while Pinky likes to ambush Pac-Man.

Is Pac-Man a villain? ›

No, this is about coming to terms with what our entertainment is telling us, whether by choice or by accident. The Ghosts in Pac-Man have always been portrayed as villains, but they are victims. Pac-Man has always been the hero, but he is a monster.

Is Pac-Man good for your brain? ›

Pac-Man can improve the brain's working memory.

According to Science Daily, some arcade and video games can effectively boost the brain's working memory by creating structural changes in the brain.

What is the game concept behind Pac-Man game? ›

Pac-Man is an action maze chase video game; the player controls the eponymous character through an enclosed maze. The objective of the game is to eat all of the dots placed in the maze while avoiding four colored ghosts — Blinky (red), Pinky (pink), Inky (cyan), and Clyde (orange) — that pursue Pac-Man.

What is the target audience of Pac-Man? ›

The original target audience for Pac-Man was girls.

In the 70s and 80s, most video games were aimed at boys. The creator designed the game with women in mind. He had no idea that it would end up appealing to both boys and girls.

Is Avatar appropriate for a 5 year old? ›

Avatar is rated PG-13 for intense epic battle sequences and warfare, sensuality, language and some smoking which means some content is not suitable for kids under 13 years old.

Is the movie it appropriate for a 12 year old? ›

Great film, but not for kids under 13

I recommend this film to everyone who loves slightly disturbing films and TV shows like me but for anyone under the age of 13 you really should not watch it. It's very gory and contains adult language.

Is zombies appropriate for 7 year olds? ›

With little to no violence, sound messages of acceptance, and catchy songs and dances, I would recommend Zombies 2 for ages 6 and up.

Is Wings of Fire appropriate for a 7 year old? ›

What age are the Wings of Fire books appropriate for? The series is certainly one for lovers of action, adventure and fantasy. I would suggest they will be most enjoyable for reasonably confident readers from 10 years of age, possibly 9 years if you child is okay with violence and other sensitive content (see above).

Is Ghostbusters OK for a 5 year old? ›

Not for kids

This may have been funny in the 80's but it is simply not appropriate for kids. There is a ton of language, sexual innuendos, womanizing, and 2 VERY inappropriate sex scenes.

Is King Kong appropriate for an 8 year old? ›

Kong is rated PG-13 for destruction, brief language, and intense creature violence — so nothing too awful like gore, drug use, or nudity. Common Sense Media suggests the movie for kids 9-years-old and over, which sounds just about right to me.

Is Blinky a ghost? ›

Blinky (ブリンキー Burinkii), also known as Akabei, is the leader of the Ghosts and the arch-enemy of Pac-Man. He is also portrayed as the most aggressive ghost who always chases Pac-Man, and is hard to shake once he starts. He is known to have a short temper, and is good friends with Pinky, Inky, and Clyde.

What does Pinky's body look like? ›

Pinky has a magenta ectoplasmic body with sky blue highlights, a short bouffant hairstyle (from the 1960s), large eyes with sky blue pupils, violet irises, and black eyelashes, and a skirt that looks like a wavy circle.

Does PAC ever find his parents? ›

In the End, Pac-Man discovers from Apex that his parents are still alive.

Is Pac-Man Disney? ›

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures is a computer-animated television series produced by 41 Entertainment for Disney XD, based on Namco Bandai Games' Pac-Man video game franchise.

How many seasons does Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures have? ›

Is Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures on Netflix? ›

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures - watch online: streaming, buy or rent. Currently you are able to watch "Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures" streaming on Netflix, Netflix basic with Ads or for free with ads on Peacock, Peacock Premium.

What is the 256 glitch? ›

Otherwise known as the "split-screen level" or a "kill screen", the Map 256 Glitch refers to the 256th level in the original Pac-Man. On this stage, the right side of the screen turns into a jumbled mess of numbers and letters, while the left side is normal. It is impossible to beat.

Who is the main villain in Pac-Man? ›

Lord Betrayus Sneakerous Spheros, better known simply as Lord Betrayus, is the main antagonist of the video game Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures and its sequel, as well as the main antagonist of the animated TV series of the same name. He is the arch-nemesis of Pac Man.

Who beat Pac-Man first? ›

William James Mitchell Jr.

Holyoke, Massachusetts, U.S. In 1999, Mitchell was the first person to claim a perfect score of 3,333,360 points on the arcade game Pac-Man.

What is female Pac-Man called? ›

Pac-Man (ミズ・パックマン Mizu Pakkuman), also known as Pepper in the animated series or Pac-Girl (パックガール Pakkugāru) prior to her relationship with Pac-Man, is the deuteragonist of the Pac-Man series. She is Pac-Man's wife and sidekick, and is the mother of Jr. Pac-Man and Baby Pac-Man.

Does Pac-Man have a mom? ›

Pac-Master (ミズ パックマスター Mizu Pakkumasutā), also referred to as Pac-Master's Wife, is the mother of Ms. Pac-Man and "Pac-Baby", and the wife of Pac-Master.

What nationality is Pac-Man? ›

The game was created by Namco in Japan, and released in the U.S. by Midway. By 1981, approximately 250 million games of Pac-Man were being played in the U.S. each week on 100,000 Pac-Man machines. Since then, Pac-Man has been released on nearly every video game platform.

Which ghost is Clyde? ›

Over those many years of playing Pac-Man and its sequels, I've given serious thought to Clyde, one of the four multi-colored ghosts in the original game. Clyde is the orange ghost.

Who is the smartest ghost in Pac-Man? ›

In Pac-Man Party and Ghostly Adventures, Inky has little to no resemblance to his original design; he is very skinny, has twirly hair, and teeth. He is also a darker shade of blue, and is portrayed as being the smartest of the four ghosts.

What animal is Pac-Man? ›

Also known as South American Horned Frogs, these frogs grow to a massive size and have insatiable appetites. Pacman frogs can live for around 6-10 years, are easy to care for, and captive-bred specimens are widely available. Their large mouths and comical appearance makes them one of the most adored frogs.

Is Pac-Man a horror game? ›

Pac-Man isn't just some circular guy eating pellets when he's hungry; he's a victim. He spends the whole game being stalked by murderous ghosts. Ghosts are one of the spookiest entities to meet in horror, up there with monsters and slashers. On top of that, there are four ghosts and just one Pac-Man.

Are the ghosts in Pac-Man Evil? ›

The most notable ghosts are the four members of the Ghost Gang - Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde - who have appeared throughout the series as both antagonists and protagonists. Despite ghosts often being cruel and mischievous, some have been shown to be nice, but most have rejoiced in antagonizing Pac-Man.

Who is Pac-Man's father? ›

Masaya Nakamura, the man who founded Namco and was known as the "Father of Pac-Man," has died. He was 91 years old. Nakamura founded Namco as Nakamura Manufacturing in 1955. Originally a provider of mechanical kids' rides for department stores, the enterprise expanded to arcade games in the 1970s.

Is Pac-Man educational? ›

Study's findings might be used to improve teaching and learning. A UNIQUE study by a lecturer at the University of Limerick has revealed that classic arcade game Pac-Man can provide insights into human behaviour and psychology.

What game helps your brain? ›

Studies have shown: Games can be good for the brain. Jigsaw, crosswords, and number puzzles have been found to improve cognitive function in older adults. Meanwhile, some studies have shown that board games, chess, checkers and analog games appear to help enhance the brain's processing speed and memory.

Is Pac-Man healthy? ›

Encourages healthy competition.

It can help a person to consistently do their utmost best. Pac-Man is a non-violent game, and because players try to beat top scores, it can promote the type of healthy competition that gets players focusing on their own game and improving on their own skills.

Why do the ghosts turn blue in Pac-Man? ›

Eating ghosts. If Pac-Man eats a Power Pellet, all of the ghosts turn blue. While the ghosts are vulnerable, each blue ghost nets the 400 extra points. Thus, the first ghost is worth 400 points, the second 800, the third 1200, and the forth 1600.

What are the white things in Pac-Man? ›

Pac-Dots, also known as Pellets, or Cookies, are easily the most common item in the Pac-Man games. In the arcade version, Pac-Dots are the small, square, white dots, scattered about the stage. In the 3-D games, they are rounder in shape, and are now yellow. Pac-Man is able to eat many of these at a time.

What do cherries mean in Pac-Man? ›

In the Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man games, the cherry is worth 100 points. It is worth 1,000 points in Pac-Mania, Pac-Man Championship Edition and the DX edition, but only 300 points in Pac-Man Arrangement.

Why is Pac-Man so popular? ›

Pac-Man is a comparatively nonviolent game.

Pac-Man's comparatively nonviolent feature made it stand out among other 80s games. Every other game in the arcade was as violent as it could be at that time. Two world wars mainly inspired the violent trend of arcade games.

How many people still play Pac-Man? ›

Today, nostalgia for the game is strong. The smartphone version is downloaded 20 million times every year by people of all ages, according to Namco — even those too young to have ever walked into an arcade with a pocket full of quarters.

Who is more popular Mario or Pac-Man? ›

Guinness World Records: Pac-Man is 1% more recognized than Mario in U.S, and Other Facts.

What age is Ghost boys appropriate for? ›

Ghost Boys is a novel aimed at middle graders (ages 8-12) rather than young adults.

Is Ghost Rider 2 OK for kids? ›

You should note, however, that the movie is rated M. It's darker and more menacing than the first Ghost Rider movie and is too violent and scary for children under 13.

What age group is Ghost boys for? ›

Product information
Publisher‎Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (April 17, 2018)
Reading age10+ years, from customers
Lexile measure‎HL360L
Grade level‎5 and up
Item Weight‎10.4 ounces
9 more rows

What age is regular show appropriate for? ›

Regular Show is a quirky, fantasy cartoon series targeting older teenagers and young adults. It's unsuitable for children under 12-13 years because of its slapstick violence, intoxicated characters, crude humour, coarse language, sexual innuendo, and racial and cultural stereotyping.

What is the main lesson of ghost boys? ›

Emotional Themes

Systemic racism, and its traumatic impact, is the central theme of Ghost Boys. Racism is more than simply hateful attitudes and individual acts of prejudice.

Is Peter Pan appropriate for a 3 year old? ›

You should note, however, that Peter Pan also includes some dated sexist and racist stereotypes. These stereotypes and the movie's scary and violent scenes and themes make this movie unsuitable for children under five years. We also recommend parental guidance for children aged 5-7 years.

Is Ant Man appropriate for an 8 year old? ›

Ant-Man is Not a Family Film!

I would not recommend this film to people with children under 12.

Is Ghostbusters appropriate for a 4 year old? ›

In addition to the violent scenes mentioned above, the many ghosts and transformations in Ghostbusters are likely to be particularly scary for children under five years.

Is Ghostbusters suitable for a 4 year old? ›

Not for kids

This may have been funny in the 80's but it is simply not appropriate for kids. There is a ton of language, sexual innuendos, womanizing, and 2 VERY inappropriate sex scenes.

Can a 10 year old watch Ghost Rider? ›

I would say 10 and under this might be a bit too violent and upsetting. It does deal with demons, The devil, and hell on earth as a risk if Ghostriders mission isn't completed. He also burns the souls out of the guilty. Be aware of that, as these scenes can be intense with fiery images of skulls etc.

What grade level is ghosts? ›

Product information
Publisher‎Graphix; First Paperback Edition (September 13, 2016)
Reading age‎8 - 11 years, from customers
Lexile measure‎GN300L
Grade level3 - 7
9 more rows

What age is the boy with wings for? ›

Lenny Henry's hilarious adventure, The Boy with Wings, is for readers of 9 to 12 and illustrated throughout by Keenon Ferrell. Includes an exclusive comic book adventure illustrated by Mark Buckingham.

What do ghost boys symbolize? ›

All of the ghost boys symbolize individuals and the spiritual legacy of a community of boys who died too soon. The historical context from 1955 to 2012 is what is important.

Is Gravity Falls appropriate for 7 year old? ›

Unless your child doesn't get freaked out by things such as blood and black-I don't-know-what-it-was dripping from possessed animal trophy heads on a wall chanting a curse, then I would recommend this to be 9+. Aside from that, it is a great show with great role models and great messages.

What shows are appropriate for 8 year olds? ›

Common Sense Media TV shows, Ages 8-9+
  • The Adventures of Tintin.
  • American Ninja Warrior.
  • Annedroids.
  • Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street.
  • Little House on the Prairie.
  • Little Women.
  • Odd Squad.
  • The Partridge Family.
27 Sept 2022

Is Popeye appropriate for kids? ›

Parents need to know that kids will hear a few instances of very mild cursing and see cartoonish fights between Popeye and several villains, including his nemesis Bluto.


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