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Emmett John Scanlan is a renowned Irish entertainer, theater artist and media VIP, recognized worldwide as an entertainer extraordinaire for his major roles in various films and TV shows such as 'Charlie Casanova' (2011), 'Hollyoaks' (2010) and 'The Fall' (2013), Peaky Blinders (2019) and others. He is also known as a theater director and as a TV entertainer for numerous awards such as the British Soap Awards, Inside Soap Awards and All About Soap Awards.

Emmett was born to one of the princely groups of Clontarf, Dublin, Ireland on January 31, 1979 and was raised by his parents and relatives. As a teenager, he completed his rudimentary education in an elementary school and graduated from a high school. While concentrating on high school, he found his initial passion for acting and began his four-year certification in Dating and Showing.

Emmett J. Scanlan Height and Weight Emmett J. Scanlan's spirit level is approximately 6' 1" and his weight is approximately 89 kg.

However nameEmmett John Scanlan
Place of birthClontarf, Dublin, Irland
birth date31 January 1979
Star signAquarius
ProfessionActors and theater artists

Emmett J. Scanlan Peaky Blinders In 2019, Emmett appeared as Billy Grade, a lead actress in a British television series titled Peaky Blinders created by Steven Knight, Toby Finlay and Stephen Russell.

The main story of the series revolved around a family of gangsters "Shelby Family" set in England in the 1990s. It has been fertile across the planet and has delivered six seasons so far. Emmett's work as Billy Grade was commendable and, surprisingly, received critical acclaim.

Emmett J. Scanlan Net Worth According to some media reports, Emmett J. Scanlan's current net worth is estimated to be over USD 5-7 million. A large portion of his total wealth comes from acting, movies, television shows, plays, advertising, and other ventures.

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Emmett J. Scanlan Early Life and Theater A fan of acting since high school, Emmett began his first acting field shortly after high school, choosing himself at a well-known academy to begin acting preparation.

In the theater for several years he prepared himself for various behavioral strategies, taking on large and small roles in various theatrical performances and shows. Emmett achieved vital fame as a theater craftsman for his unusual and commendable exhibits in plays.

Emmett J. Scanlan TV Series and Web Shows Emmett, a well-known theater director, began his classical acting career in 2004 in a TV series called The Big Bow-Wow. His work as Robert was supportive and recognized by the public. In 2009, he gained more ubiquity as a TV entertainer thanks to his outstanding performance as The Operator in a reality series created by Justin Timberlake called The Phone.

Apart from that, Emmett has worked and appeared as a lead and supporting actor in various TV series and web shows such as The Roaring Twenties (2008), The Guards (2010), Hollyoaks: King of Hearts (2010), Hollyoaks (2010). , Hollyoaks Later (2012), The Fall (2013), AD The Bible Continues (2015), Butterfly (2018), Peaky Blinders (2019), Gangs of London (2020), The Tower (2021) and Derry Girls (2022) .

Emmett J. Scanlan Hollyoaks Emmett achieved universal ubiquity as a TV entertainer in 2010 thanks to his sparkling show as Brendan Brady, a leading lady in a heartfelt TV series created by Phil Redmond called "Hollyoaks".

It depended on a gathering of high school companions completing GCSEs and A-levels, exploring both the school's universe and the work of experts. The series was generally commercially successful and also won a number of awards in various ratings.

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Additionally, Emmett's performance as Brendan Brady was highly acclaimed by both the public and pundits, surprisingly garnering multiple awards including Inside Soap Awards, British Soap Awards, Finglas Soap Awards, and others. He also starred in 2010's Hollyoaks: King of Hearts and 2012's Hollyoaks Later.

Emmett J. Scanlan The Fall In 2013, Emmett appeared as the lead of DC Glenn Martin in a television series of misdeeds, shows and sensations entitled The Fall, created by Allan Cubitt and Jakob Verbruggen.

She was revived by an energetic police officer investigating a series of murders. His presentation as DC Glenn received critical acclaim from audiences and professionals alike. In addition, the series was financially effective, earning high ratings on several review sites, including IMDB.

Emmett J. Scanlan Safe Emmett took on a recurring role as Josh Mason in the 2018 crime show secret television series 'Safe', created by Harlan Coben. The series was about a window repairman whose young girl goes missing, and who then began to uncover the vague inside facts of people in his neighborhood. Because of its amazing storyline, flow and script, it was basically successful all over the world.

Emmett J. Scanlan Movies and Short Films Emmett ventured into a short show film called "Triple Bill" shortly after his television debut in the cinema as a supporting actor. He has played both lead and supporting roles in a number of films and short films including Color From The Dark (2008), The Rise of the Bricks (2009), Imperfect Couple (2010), Charlie Casanova (2011), The Inside (2012) . ), Personal Appearance (2013), Breakdown (2016), In the Cloud (2018), Lapwing (2021) and others.

Emmett J. Scanlan Guardians of the Galaxy In 2014, Emmett landed a role as Head Riot Guard, a supporting cast in a Marvel hero film called Gatekeepers of the Galaxy created by James Gunn based on the Marvel Comics.

The film is about a collection of intergalactic gangsters trying to stop a possessed warrior who has plans to cleanse the universe. It has been both financially and fundamentally effective around the world, also receiving positive public opinion polls.

Emmett J. Scanlan Awards and Nominations Emmett accepted the first honor of his 2011 nomination as Antagonist of the Year at the Finglas Soap Awards for his work in Hollyoaks. In addition, around the same time, he was nominated for several awards such as the British Soap Awards, TV Choice Awards and others.

The following year he won two Inside Soap Awards for Hollyoaks in different classifications. His last was an All About Soap Award in 2013 for his out of this world performance as Brendan Brady in a drama called Hollyoaks.

Emmett J. Scanlan Instagram and Twitter In addition to being an entertainer and theater maker, Emmett is well known on various web-based entertainment platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. He is best known on Instagram and regularly shares his family, travels, experiences, photos and footage of his lifestyle.

With his increasing ubiquity as an entertainer and virtual entertainment figure, several design and lifestyle magazines have featured him on their covers. Additionally, Emmett is dynamic on Twitter, tweeting about various items including his upcoming ventures.

Emmett J. Scanlan Family/Parents/Siblings (Sister/Father) Unfortunately, Emmett has not yet published much information about his parents and relatives. We will keep you updated on his family members should he share acceptable details about family members soon.

Emmett J. Scanlan Wife/Daughter Emmett has been dating a renowned British entertainer and theater artist named Claire Cooper since 2015. Together they have two young people whose names are currently unclear. Nonetheless, our latest investigation into his children is underway, and soon we'll be updating you all with solid data.

Emmett J. Scanlan presents his significant other to Claire Cooper
Dark facts about Emmett J. Scanlan
Emmett J. Scanlan hails from Clontarf, Dublin, Ireland.
In 2004, he made his acting debut as a supporting actor in a television series called The Big Bow-Wow.
He is an energetic creature sweetheart and has an earth-toned feline cat.
Emmett is a vegetable lover and a supporter of PETA.
It is owned by Armenian, American and British divers.
His main leisure activities are bicycling, horseback riding, bicycling, playing the guitar, surfing, fishing, understanding books and painting.
Emmett is a bon vivant of German, Spanish and Italian cooking styles.

Father's name is not available. We have no further information about his father; We will try to collect information and update it soon.

The mother's name is not available. We have no further information about his father; We will try to collect information and update it soon.

Also, we have no idea about his brother and sister, nor do we know their names. However, we are trying to collect all information about him and will update you soon.

His girlfriend/boyfriend's name is not available. You are in relationship from the last few years of a strong relationship. We have no information about his girlfriend/boyfriend.

But we are sure that it is not available and his spouse's name is not available. Now his relationship is perfect. We have no further information about his wife.

We also have no information about his son and daughter. We can't say her name. If you know some information please comment below.

Estimated net worth is $80,000 - $85,000.


Who is Emmett Scanlan wife? ›

Personal life. Scanlan married girlfriend Claire Cooper on 31 December 2015 in New York City. On 18 July 2020, she gave birth to a boy named Ocean. In October 2020, Cooper disclosed that she had miscarried her and Scanlan's baby the previous year.

How tall is Emmett J Scanlan? ›

Who is Kayla Scanlans mum? ›

Background. Growing up, Kaylie's mother, a gnome named Sybil, told her many tales about her father, Scanlan. Sybil had encountered Scanlan years ago, becoming pregnant with Kaylie, unbeknownst to Scanlan.

What is Emmett Scanlan doing now? ›

Emmett can currently be seen as the series lead Jimmy Kinsella in the AMC series KIN opposite Aidan Gillen and Charlie Cox. He was nominated for an IFTA Award for his performance.

Who is Claire Cooper married to? ›

Cooper married her boyfriend Emmett J. Scanlan on 31 December 2015 in New York City. On 8 May 2020, she announced she was pregnant with their first child. On 18 July 2020, she gave birth to a boy named Ocean.

Is Emmett J Scanlan Irish? ›

Irish actor Emmett J Scanlan has announced the birth of his second child, a little girl named Fiáin-Luna. The Peaky Blinders and Kin star is married to English actress and fellow Hollyoaks star Claire Cooper, the couple have a two-year-old son together.

Where is Emmett J Scanlan from? ›

What age is Emmett Scanlan? ›

Where did Joanna Scanlan grow up? ›

She moved to North Wales with her parents at the age of three, and her parents later bought the Castle Hotel in Ruthin. She attended Brigidine Convent and Howell's School, Denbigh, as well as New Hall School in Chelmsford, Essex.

Did Pike and Scanlan get divorced? ›

They stayed married for years, having together two children: Juniper and Wilhand'ildan (Juni and Wax for short); once both kids were grown and off to school, Scanlan and Pike divorced amicably and went their separate ways (she went to Whitestone and he traveled accross Exandria), although when they saw each other they ...

Is Scanlan pansexual? ›

When Vax and Grog pranked him with a potion of love, causing him to become infatuated with Percy, it was confirmed that Scanlan is bi- or pansexual.

Who was Pike in love with before Scanlan? ›

Ashley Johnson stated during "Talks Machina: Campaign Wrap-up" (Sx31) that Percy was the person who Pike had secretly been in love with, and Taliesin noted that Percy was completely oblivious to this.

How old is Claire Cooper? ›

Who is the Irish actor in the tower? ›

Here's everything you need to know about the Irish actor. Emmett J Scanlan was born on January 31, 1979 in Dublin, Ireland.

Who is the singer Billy in Peaky Blinders? ›

Billy Grade (played by Emmett J Scanlan) was introduced in Peaky Blinders as a footballer-turned-singer who is sure to prove essential to the gang's foray into match-fixing. In a tense scene with Arthur Shelby (Paul Anderson), viewers got their first glimpse of him in action.

What has Claire Cooper been in? ›

Cooper has appeared in various British television shows, including a two-part episode on Waking the Dead in 2004. She made appearances on Coronation Street and Waterloo Road in 2006. Cooper made her on-screen debut in Hollyoaks in September 2006. In 2009 she played a character in the second series of Hollyoaks Later.

Who is the British actress Cooper? ›

Daisy May Cooper (born 1 August 1986) is an English actress and writer. She won the 2018 BAFTA TV Award for Best Female Comedy Performance for playing Kerry Mucklowe in the BBC Three series This Country, which she co-created and co-wrote with her younger brother, Charlie Cooper.

What does Scanlan mean in Irish? ›

Scanlan is an Irish surname that derives from the Irish Gaelic name Ó Scannláin, meaning descendant of Scannlán'. Notable people with the surname include: Emmett J.

Where does Patricia Scanlan live? ›

Biography. Scanlan was born in Dublin where she still lives, she was a Dublin City librarian for 17 years. While she was working, Scanlan was also writing her first novel because she was short of money.

Is Joanna Scanlan in Welsh? ›

"She's always been very proud of being Welsh herself and living in Wales. She does speak a bit of Welsh so she's been really thrilled."

Who is marcus in ten percent? ›

Ten Percent (TV Series 2022– ) - Emmett J Scanlan as Marcus MacLeod - IMDb.

Who played stab in Derry Girls? ›

It began with the deep low of the girls being bullied out of tickets to see Fatboy Slim by Mad Stab (a brilliant, psychotic star turn from Emmett Scanlon), swung back through their delight as Michelle (Jamie-Lee O'Donnell) swore, sobbed and lied her way to free tickets via an appearance on TV news and they paraded ...

Who is the Irish footballer in Peaky Blinders? ›

Billy Grade was a retired footballer and bookmaker for the violent criminal gang Peaky Blinders. He secretly informed the IRA about Peaky Blinders' plans, and eventually got caught.

Is Emmett Scanlan vegan? ›

He describes what eating vegan means to him: “I'm convinced that if we eat meat, we're ingesting bad karma, but as a by-product of that, by not eating meat, I'm helping the environment. It's healthier for me. I know, I believe, I feel stronger than I've ever felt before ….

What did Joanna Scanlan do before acting? ›

Scanlan had always intended to pursue acting, but succumbed to life's detours. She studied law and history at Cambridge University's Queens' College, where she joined the drama society and appeared in 23 student-generated stage productions over the course of two years.

Who is Josh Mason in safe? ›

Emmett J Scanlan: Josh Mason.

Is Joanna Scanlan married? ›

Who is Joanna Scanlan husband? ›

Does Joanna Scanlan have children? ›

Does Joanna Scanlan have children? Joanna Scanlan does not have any children. During an interview, she said that she and her husband Neil had met too late to consider having kids.

What was in Scanlan's letter to Pike? ›

I have a daughter, whose heart beats my blood and whose life is my own, and she, unlike her father, can be good, and right, and one day worthy of your love – which is why, on my deathbed, I leave her to you.

When did Vax tell Keyleth he loved her? ›

In the original moment, during episode 33 of Critical Role's first season, Vax turns to Keyleth and offers his declaration of love — and then lands a kiss.

Why did Pike lose her connection to the Everlight? ›

The Everlight demands Pike tell be honest, not with her, but with herself. Pike tells her deity that she has left her path. Since she has joined her friends she has become violent and participates in depravity and knows it is wrong. She feels that is why the Everlight cut off her connection.

What spice did Scanlan buy? ›

Fusaka is a cooking spice used to season meat.

What spell did Scanlan use to clone himself? ›

Scanlan, for the very first time, casts Wish and asks for a Scanlan-simulacrum, which begins to form out of falling snow. The spell takes 12 hours, but at the end of it, a snow-golem duplicate of Scanlan stands naked and ready to fight. He is given some spare equipment before they all go to sleep.

What spell does Scanlan use for his hand? ›

Official art of Scanlan with Bigby's hand, by Kit Buss. Bigby's Hand is a 5th level Evocation spell that creates a large magical hand that can make actions and attack.

Did Pike and Scanlan have kids? ›

However, Pike moved to Whitestone alone, as Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn reveals that her and Scanlan Shorthalt got a divorce after their two children went off to school.

Who did Keyleth end up with? ›

The Close of the Chapter

Keyleth promised that she would see him again and Vax said he'd be there. They swore their love "forever and always," with Vax promising that he'd never be far from her.

Who does Vex end up with? ›

Vex and Percy kept their marriage a secret from everyone initially, though Taryon Darrington was eventually the first to find out (as Tary was a roommate of Vex, so he had seen the two of them together).

What else was Emmett J Scanlan in? ›

Emmett J. Scanlan
  • Kin. 2023.
  • Peaky Blinders. 2022.
  • The Tower. 2021.
  • The Deceived. 2020.
  • Gangs Of London. 2020.
  • Body Cam Cops. 2019.
  • Krypton. 2019.
  • Butterfly. 2018.

What state does Cooper Barnes live in? ›

Barnes was born in England and grew up in the US state of Michigan, where he attended Northville High School until 1997. Later, he moved to Los Angeles, dedicating himself professionally to acting.

Who owns the Doughnut Whisperer? ›

It was set up last year by acting couple and former Hollyoaks stars Claire Cooper and Emmett J Scanlan, alongside baker Stephanie Reid, and specialises in 100 per cent plant-based, luxury doughnuts.

Why is Rawvana no longer vegan? ›

The star, has now ditched her influencer name 'Rawvana' and opened up about her difficult choice to incorporate animal protein back into her diet due to health reasons.


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