Billy Joels 20 BEST Songs (2023)

Billy Joel fans know that his catalog is extensive. Perhaps further occasional fans do not even recognize that a hit they love, Billy Joel is at the end of the spokesman.


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"Piano Man" (1973)

Billy Joels 20 BEST Songs (1)

"Piano Man" was Billy Joel's first song to penetrate the Pop Top 40.It is a fictional version of Billy Joel's experience as a piano player and lounge singer for six months in the executive room in Los Angeles. The characters in the song are all based on real people. The line "The waiter practices politics", refers to his first womanElizabeth Weber. "Piano Man" achieved 25th place in the US pop chart and went to 4th place on the contemporary charts for adults. After the success of Billy Joels albumThe strangerIn 1977 "Piano Man" experienced a revival of popularity and remains one of the most popular songs in Billy Joels Repertoire.

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"The way you are" (1977)

Billy Joels 20 BEST Songs (2)

"As you are" was a breakthrough hit -single for Billy Joel. The lead -single from his fifth studio albumThe strangerThe Grammy Awards won for the record of the year and the song of the year. The song was inspired by Billy Joel's first wife Elizabeth Weber.he played the song live for a decade.Live on Saturday evening. It went to number 1 of the contemporary table for adults.

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"She is always a woman" (1977)

Billy Joels 20 BEST Songs (3)

"She is always a woman" is a song about the love of a woman who is not despite her quirks and mistakes, but because of them, but because of them. Billy Joel says that he is influenced by the singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot when writing the songHe wrote it for his then wife Elizabeth Weber. They divorced in 1982.It was released as a single from Billy Joels album The Stranger. "She is always a woman" reached 17th in the Pop Chart, but went to second place in the adult contemporary charts. "She is always a woman" was a top in 201010 Pop hit in Great Britain when Fyfe Dangerfield accepted for use in a TV display of the John Lewis department store.

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"Movin 'out (Anthonys Lied)" (1977)

Billy Joels 20 BEST Songs (4)

According to Billy Joel, Anthony is not based on a certain real person in his song "Movin 'Out", but on a pastiocle of Irish, Polish and Italian children he knew. The song is a satire on the emerging mobile efforts of New York.The song gave the Broadway musical its titleStrip offBased on Billy Joels Songs. from 2002 to 2005, it went for over 1300 appearances on Broadway.

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"My Life" (1978)

Billy Joels 20 BEST Songs (5)

"My Life" was the first single from Billy Joels album published52. Straße. It is a song about personal independence and has climbed in third place on the Pop -Singles charts. It also reached number 2 in adult contemporary diagram.52. StraßeWas Billy Joels first, who reached number 1 in the album chart in 1st place.

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"Big Shot" (1979)

Billy Joels 20 BEST Songs (6)

"Big Shot" is the second single from Billy Joels album 52nd Street. There was rumors for many years that the song was inspired by a date with Bianca Jagger, but Billy Joel denied this story.Mick and Bianca Jagger had dinner and he wrote the song and thought about what Mick Bianca could sing.Shot "achieved 14th place in the Pop -Singles chart.

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"Maybe you are right" (1980)

Billy Joels 20 BEST Songs (7)

"You May Are Right" eröffnet Billy Joels AlbumGlass housesWith the sound of glass. It is one of the rockiest of his hit singles. The song may make the narrator's madness exactly what is needed in a relationship. "You may be right" to #7 in pop chart.Stone edge prevented that it rose higher than #38 in the contemporary table of adults. The albumGlass houseswas released three days after the single and reached number 1 in the album -Chart. Billy Joel brought a Grammy Award for the best rock vowel performance.

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"It's still rock'n'roll for me" (1980)

Billy Joels 20 BEST Songs (8)

Billy Joel is in "It is still rock and roll for me" to the music industry. It was a reaction to new music styles, especially punk and new wave, which were popular in the early 1980s. He explains his refusal to change, to please a younger crowd. "It is still rock and roll for me", Billy Joel's first pop hit also brought the pop diagram in Canada at the top.

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"She has a way" (1982)

Billy Joels 20 BEST Songs (9)

"She Got A Way" was recorded for the first time and published on Billy Joel's debut albumCold Spring HarborIn 1972 it was recorded on his first five song demo band.and found his way to his live albumSongs from the attic1982. The Live version was published as a single and rose to #23 in the pop chart.

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"Print" (1982)

Billy Joels 20 BEST Songs (10)

Billy Joel has explained that the primary pressure he spoke about in this song is to write new songs and produce new music. Deposit by Billy Joels usual piano is mainly driven by synthesizer. The associated music video is usedOften pictures of water to display the pressure. It also contains references to films such asA clockwork orangeAndPoltergeist. "Pressure" reached #20 in the POP chart in the USA, but it broke out in the top 10 on Rock Radio.

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"Allentown" (1983)

Billy Joels 20 BEST Songs (11)

Billy Joel published "Allentown" in the 1980s in the 1980s, which hit the United States particularly hard in the United States."Allentown" only reached 17th place in the pop chart, but it stayed on the table for a long time. It also broke into the top 20 of the contemporary table for adults.

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"Tell her about it" (1983)

Billy Joels 20 BEST Songs (12)

For "Tell her from IT IT", the first single of Billy Joels seven times Platinal album a innocent man, he paid homage to the Motown sound of the 1960s. In later interviews, however, he complained that it was more after the 70s clockFiles Tony Orlando and Dawn heard as Motown. As "Tell from IT" in 1st place in the Pop Charts, producer Phil Ramone came out of the top. He also had the previous #1 -HIT "Maniac"produced by Michael Sembello. "Tell her about it".

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"Uptown Girl" (1983)

Billy Joels 20 BEST Songs (13)

Billy Joel said that "Uptown Girl" was originally written with supermodel Elle Macpherson, but was also inspired by his growing relationship with his future wife Supermodel Christie Brinkley. The music of "Uptown Girl" is by Frankie Valli and the four seasonsInspired. It appears in the music video. "Uptown Girl" reached 3rd place in the pop chart and #2 in adult contemporary chart.

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"An innocent man" (1983)

Billy Joels 20 BEST Songs (14)

The title song by Billy Joels Hit -AlbumAn innocent manIs a musical homage to Ben E. King and the Drifters. It became the third hit single of the album. "An innocent man" reached #10 in the pop chart and went to number 1 in the adult contemporary diagram.A top 10 in the UK.

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"You are only human (second wind)" (1985)

Billy Joels 20 BEST Songs (15)

The very serious topic "You are only human (second wind)", the first single from Billy Joel'sBiggest hitsCollection is teen depression and suicide. Billy Joel once tried suicide and wrote this song to try to help others have to struggle with the thought.It's a wonderful life. "You are only human (second wind)" 9th place in the pop chart and #2 Adult Contemporary.

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"A matter of trust" (1986)

Billy Joels 20 BEST Songs (16)

"A level of trust" differs from most of his hit songs because it is located with E guitar instead of the piano. It was published as a second single from the album The Bridge.of a building in New York City.Pop charts, while he broke into the top 20 with both Adult Contemporary and Rock Radio.

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"Modern woman" (1986)

Billy Joels 20 BEST Songs (17)

The song "Modern Woman" is the first single from Billy Joels albumThe bridgeWhile it also appears in the soundtrack for the hit filmRuthless peopleIt is his only big hit from a film -Soundtrack.Billy Joel explained that he doesn't like the song, and important compilations of his music was left out. "Modern Woman" reached 10th place in the pop chart and #7 AdultContemporary.

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"We didn't start the fire" (1989)

Billy Joels 20 BEST Songs (18)

The main content of "We not Start the Fire" is a quick recitation of the most important news events between 1949, the year in which Billy Joel was born, and in 1989, the year of the publication of the song. Laut Billy Joel is a huge "history nut"And encouraged his letter of the song. It is difficult for him to perform live, because if a single mistake is switched off the entire song. "We did not start the fire" rose to 1st place on the Pop -Singles charts and broke both at Adult ContemporaryAs well as in Rock Radio in the top 10. It received a Grammy Award nomination for the record of the year.

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"I'm going to Extreme" (1990)

Billy Joels 20 BEST Songs (19)

"I go to extreme" was originally written as an apology for Billy Joels at the time. Ms. Christie Brinkley. He was concerned about his unpredictable personality. It was the fourth single published from his albumStorm front. "I go to Extreme" ranked 6th place on the US pop charts and #4 in contemporary chart for adults and at the same time broke into the top 10 from Rock Radio.

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"The River of Dreams" (1993)

Billy Joels 20 BEST Songs (20)

"The River of Dreams" was the first single from Billy Joels album from 1993River of dreams. It reached 3rd place in the US pop charts and it is his last top -10 hit before moving back from the pop music., used for the album cover. The associated music video was shot in Connecticut.Christy Brinkley can be seen how the works of art are painted in the video and Billy Joels daughter Alexa appears.In the mainstream Pop Radio in 1st place was a pop hit #3 in Great Britain.

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