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Blitzcrank is quite a popular support champion in League of Legends. Most players fear the champion when they first start the game. This is because they had a hard time dodging his signature ability - the hook and punch up. However, once these players become familiar with the game, they overcome their fear of the champion, but never forget him.

Other players just like the champion kit and a special counter to shields. Anyhow, Blitzcrank has garnered a pretty decent amount of fame over the years. It's never uncommon for players to find the best skins of famous champions.

We understand this fact and we decided to make it easy for you to find it. Sit tight and dive into the best Blitzcrank skins - from the worst to the best.

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13. Goalkeeper Blitzcrank

Best Blitzcrank Skins - Worst to Best - LeagueFeed (1)

This skin has good looks and gave Blitzcrank a nice Riot t-shirt. It shows the champion as a goalkeeper, but there are no gloves. Aside from the shirt, the champion's skin has no vivid change.

It costs 520 RP, but you can only get it when the Legacy Vaults open.


  • goalie performance
  • Red and blue lights in his eyes


  • The skin is kind of normal
  • It lacks unique effects, sounds, or animations.

12. Boom Boom Blitzcrank

Best Blitzcrank Skins - Worst to Best - LeagueFeed (2)

Boom Boom Blitzcrank depicts the sentient golem as a boxing champion, complete with boxing gloves and his trophy belt in his splash art. While the skin maintains that in-game look, it doesn't offer anything beyond that.

The skin is available on the game store for 520 RP, which is fine as it's just a wardrobe change. Unfortunately, Boom Boom Blitzcrank is only available when the vaults are open.


  • Cool champion appearance


(Video) THIS SKIN IS BANNED! BLITZCRANK! - Climb to Grandmaster | League of Legends

  • It lacks unique animations and effects.

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11. Rostiger Blitzcrank

Best Blitzcrank Skins - Worst to Best - LeagueFeed (3)

Rusty Blitzcrank is just normal Blitzcrank but rusty. The skin comes in twelfth place due to its rarity. There is no way to get this skin unless you purchase an account that already has it.

Just like Black Alistar, Rusty Blitzcrank may be old and ordinary, but it's a valuable relic in the game.


  • Rare skin
  • Blitzcrank with rusty armor


  • No longer available
  • The skin is ordinary

10. Definitely not Blitzcrank

Best Blitzcrank Skins - Worst to Best - LeagueFeed (4)

This skin does a nice job of representing Blitzcrank. Its splash art shows the champion trying to pass as a human in an office. You'll notice a few changes to the Champion, including a wristwatch, suit, and glasses.

However, the skin does not offer any unique in-game effects, animations or sounds. It costs 975 RP, which is pretty expensive in our opinion. Also, the skin will remain in the legacy vault.


  • Funny champion appearance and splash art
  • Cool costume


  • It lacks unique animations and effects
  • Too expensive for what it offers

9. Piltover Customs Blitzcrank

Best Blitzcrank Skins - Worst to Best - LeagueFeed (5)

Here we have Blitzcrank making its way into battle with an excellent ride. The skin features the champion as an enforcer for Piltover, a city in Runeterra. Piltover Customs Blitzcrank offers unique sounds and effects but still has the same recall as the original model.

Still, the skin feels good, but costs 1350 RP. Put simply - it's too expensive.


  • Cool particle changes
  • Amazing appearance
  • Drive around in a mini car
  • Unique sounds and effects


(Video) So Blitzcrank Was Picked At Worlds 2022...

  • Too expensive
  • No clear callback animation

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8. Riot Blitzcrank

Best Blitzcrank Skins - Worst to Best - LeagueFeed (6)

Blitzcrank is also an enforcer for this skin. He specializes in fighting riots. The skin gives him some cool features like a visor, emergency lights and a mustache! Luckily, these features aren't just for show, they add to the overall unique effects and sounds.

Unfortunately, the skin lacks a wider range of unique effects and animations. It's also a legacy skin.


  • Great champion model
  • Blitzcrank as riot control personnel
  • Unique sounds and effects


  • Limited Features
  • No clear callback animation

7. Kampfboss Blitzcrank

Best Blitzcrank Skins - Worst to Best - LeagueFeed (7)

Battle Boss Blitzcrank comes from arcade lore in League of Legends. Here, Blitzcrank is part of a group of game bosses who became self-aware by managing to crack the game's source code. As such, the champion takes on the appearance of an arcade boss, complete with sounds and animations.

The skin costs 1350 RP and is often a player favorite. However, stay tuned as we look at more exciting skins.


  • Cool arcade sounds and effects
  • Unique animations


  • It might feel a bit clunky
  • You could say it's a little pricey

6. Lancer Paragon Blitzcrank

Best Blitzcrank Skins - Worst to Best - LeagueFeed (8)

Lancer Paragon Blitzcrank gives us the champion as a being of power and honor. Wearing armor of white, jade, and amber, the champion stands majestically throughout the game. The skin has two types, one on the side of the light and the other in the service of the dark.

For a skin that costs 1350 RP, Lancer Paragon is easily one of the best Blitzcrank skins out there.

Fun Fact: Lancer Paragon Blitzcrank flies into the sky during his recall animation.


(Video) Ranking ALL the 2022 League of Legends skins from BEST to WORST (First YouTube Stream in 3 years)

  • Majestic appearance.
  • cool theme
  • It has unique particles, effects, animations and sounds.


  • It lags behind its other half in looks and animations.

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5. Lancer Rogue Blitzcrank

Best Blitzcrank Skins - Worst to Best - LeagueFeed (9)

This skin is the opposite of Lancer Paragon Blitzcrank. However, most players, including myself, believe that Lancer Rogue Blitzcrank is the better of the two. It has a more awesome theme with darker armor tones giving the champion a badass look.

Also, this one has better recall animation of the two Lancer skins. The two skins cost the same, so Lancer Rogue scored higher in our listing.

Fun Fact: Lancer Rogue Blitzcrank burrows into the ground during his recall animation.


  • Better theme and looks compared to Lancer Paragon (open to argument)
  • Unique recall animation
  • Great effects and sounds


  • The darker theme may not appeal to some players.

4. Hexengebräu Blitzcrank

Best Blitzcrank Skins - Worst to Best - LeagueFeed (10)

This skin is Blitzcrank's Harrowing skin. Here the champion exists as a cauldron for boiling potions. However, this cauldron is no ordinary one, as it is sentient and can assemble the necessary ingredients for potions.

Witch's Brew Blitzcrank has a unique look, Halloween theme and effects. The skin has a nice recall animation and the champion's moves are well done.

It costs 1350 RP and can only be obtained when the Legacy Vaults open.


  • Harrowing topic
  • Unique reminder and effects
  • The skin clearly defines the champion's hooked arm.


  • Only available during special events
  • Colors might be overwhelming for some players

3. iLightning Crank

Best Blitzcrank Skins - Worst to Best - LeagueFeed (11)

This skin comes from the Program universe and shows Blitzcrank as a sophisticated android. With a predominantly technical white theme, the skin has a smooth feel and well-defined particles.


iBlitzcrank is one of the few skins said to improve how players use the champion. The reason for this is that its colors and particles make it easy to land Blitzcrank's grapple. While it's no ordinary skin, it's one of the best Blitzcrank skins out there.


  • Wonderful colors and motifs
  • Unique effects, sounds and animations
  • Well-defined hitboxes and ability particles


  • Riot released the skin in 2013
  • Some players may prefer stronger looking skins for the champion.

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2. Winning Blitzcrank

Best Blitzcrank Skins - Worst to Best - LeagueFeed (12)

Although this skin performs well on almost all requirements, its availability is limited. Like other Victorious skins, Riot only gave this skin to accounts that achieved the rank of Gold or higher in Season 11. The skin has an awesome theme, animations, and clean effects befitting a reward skin.


  • Nice theme
  • Wonderful effects and animations
  • cool theme


  • Falls behind Space Groove Blitz & Crank in effects, animation, and splash art
  • Not for sale.

1. Space Groove Blitz & Kurbel

Best Blitzcrank Skins - Worst to Best - LeagueFeed (13)

For the first time we get a skin depicting a Blitzcrank as two characters working together - Blitz and Crank. The splash art depicts two cats controlling a robot, with one sitting in the robot's main body while the other is sitting in the robot's right hand.

Together, Blitz and Crank completely changed the effects and animations of the champion as we know him. The skin completely changes Blitzcrank's taunt, dance, recall, movement, and ability animations. Space Groove Blitz & Crank cements its place as the best Blitzcrank skin because of these features and its awesome theme.

The skin costs 1820 RP, which we think is fair for everything the skin offers.


  • Wonderful concept
  • Meet Blitz and Crank, two mischievous cats
  • Great motifs and colors
  • New taunt, recall, and dance.


  • A bit expensive


There you have it! The Best Blitzcrank Skins - From worst to best in one place. We hope this post helps you decide which skin you want for the champion.


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